Open the battery bumper car playground for how much money

2019 - 10 - 07 08:22:55

'I'm going to open a battery bumper car park, who knows about venue, the basic size and cost of, and what is the price of battery bumper cars? Planning to open a battery bumper car park ', many people have asked this question, let me talk about my opinion. Yes children under battery bumper cars for example.

small bumper car is 0. 4 party a, covers an area of 8 - per set 10 square, ten of the bumper cars must be at least 80 square meters. If it is a big bumper cars, at least 100 square, or place is very narrow, wide customers would feel more comfortable. Site cost depends on the local standard of living, in the town or county is relatively cheaper. Bumper car how much is a small standard Mimi a bumper car 1850 yuan, a large battery bumper car 2680 yuan, already very cheap in the market, some other manufacturer or distributor price is relatively high.

business investment: to product series mid-range Mimi motos reinforced, for example

buy 10 small bumper cars 10 * 1880 = 18800 yuan to buy inflatable fence or other form a complete set of products production venues fence 6000 yuan, 1000 yuan ground rent 150 square $2000

【 Total investment of 27800 yuan 】 27800 yuan can open into a have a better quality of 10 motos playground.

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