Now the most profitable project children's bumper cars

2019 - 10 - 05 16:24:38

children's bumper cars are more fire project at present, the children all like to play the bumper cars. Bumper car as a kind of amusement equipment, it is loved by more and more people, for the simple reason that people play bumper car, driving, can make a bumper car, touch, rub, left, right, the creeping is exciting, can be in play, enjoy the happiness and joy brought by the collision. And the temperature is low in cost, income is more optimistic. Children's bumper car price is in two thousand yuan or so commonly, less investment and gains quick, fun sex is strong, is a ride to the fire. Children's indoor amusement equipment in the process of operation, want to attract more passengers to come to visit, visit and greatly enhance people's interest, to guide everyone played a project would also like to play the second and the third, very anxious to play all the rides a times, amusement equipment, it is very important to put, put the time pay attention to the distance and space allocation, neither too broad, also cannot too crowded, relatively popular in the market now is battery bumper cars, children battery bumper cars, and double battery bumper cars. Battery bumper car full set the price also is relatively cheaper, investment cost is a little bit small. And electric temperature field is relatively easy to choose, can the indoor and outdoor. To want to invest in bumper cars for friends but don't want to invest too much battery bumper car is a better choice. There are many factors that can affect children's bumper cars park business, one of the most important thing is site traffic, if it is in the middle of nowhere, no business. If site selection in the downtown area, traffic was bigger place will have a good income, but the cost will be very high, the profit is not much. Especially for the first time in the amusement industry, budget is not high, all of a sudden input is too big, are not allowed on the money. Village square, park, kindergarten playground comprehensive shopping malls. Do this kind of business are common to earn money, kaifeng swatches amusement equipment bumper car quality is quite good, can search on alibaba.
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