Note: amusement equipment purchasing and installing


note: how to amusement equipment purchasing and installing

investment amusement equipment's bosses don't know how to purchase amusement equipment, below is a bumper car manufacturers bring children amusement equipment purchase and installation note

1, procurement of equipment must consider when amusement equipment prophase work collection and analysis, fully considering amusement equipment operation function, security, etc.

2, amusement equipment when the choose and buy, we should go to the amusement equipment manufacturer, whether to have the product certification and the national quality control, etc. , in line with the level of the equipment purchased, the choose and buy equipment design. Especially pay attention to product safety;

3, amusement facilities should be purchased China special equipment inspection institute design file identification and type testing qualified products, with design file appraisal report and type test report, the level of purchasing equipment, equipment type and device type should be within the scope of the report covers;

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