New castle inflatable rock climbing, children Christmas paradise

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inflatable castle small investment back this quick inflatable toy of small volume, easy to handle, beautiful appearance, novel styles, diverse products play method, fitness puzzle, widely applicable to a variety of outdoor space, low investment, high return. For various shapes, free to design the product drawing for you, make your product more market competitiveness, professional production of professional analysis, make your product more market-based investment benefit is more obvious.

inflatable castle is a new type of mesh PVC environmental protection material. The forming material is high strength polyester silk warp knitted fabrics, high-quality PVC paste, adopt the method of coating applied to the net on both sides. This kind of material is widely used in the world gas mold material.

related accessories: distribution corresponding to the fan, glue and repair material.

life: can use around eight to thousands of people.

inflatable toy the directions for use and maintenance of

the installation of the inflatable castle: a. Will equipment placed on the flat ground, had better put a patch (below Such as carpet, plastic striped cloth) And carried out. b。 Find equipment inlet, outlet and fan are connected, and tied the fan mouth then spare air inlet tied with a rope. c。 5 - by the blower, turning on the power supply equipment Will take ten minutes.

supporting the installation of the fan: a. Choose 1 gb. 5mm2- 4 was several meters cable connected to the fan, air switch at the other end connections, and to get an electric shock protector. b。 Before the use should check whether the power supply voltage and nameplate, direction of rotation is correct. c。 Casing shall be a reliable earthed and regular check, the air inlet of the fan according to the fence, lest produce an accident.

equipment cleaning collection: a. Cut off the power supply, open interface and exhaust fan, exhaust time is in commonly 10 - More than 25 minutes, wipe off gas oily be soiled, then wash clean with clear water and dry it. c。 Use equipment fold, underside stopped head-on, reoccupy tarpaulins to cover it. d。 If not for a long time, folded into the clean equipment, bundling, packing is good. Storage temperature is in commonly - It is advisable to 50 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius. e. Fan should notice moistureproof, anticorrosion. Model gas equipment should pay attention to rat bite by insects.

maintenance solution: a. In order to ensure that your equipment to normal use fixed number of year, the boot play can't go to too many children to play. Generally contain 3 square meters on the module a child. b。 Facilities of small decorative modelling, don't let the child hard, hard to tear in order to avoid damage. c。 Children play, can't let the child with hard thing scribble on the device, so as to avoid damage. d。 In case of equipment damage, in the lesions and the standby PVC material is coated with special glue, the glue after 5 minutes not glue the hand, the glue, proper squeeze, you can use a few minutes. e. The pressure on the equipment is too soft, too check for air leakage, and tore hole, or power failure; Air pressure is too hard to fan inlet block out a little. f。 Such as large area of abnormal use is damaged, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or directly send back to factory for repair.

warm reminder: a. It is forbidden to children ( 3 - 6) Play thrilling project. b。 Avoid infants and older children a play at the same time, in order to avoid collision accident. c。 Management personnel should arrange play children all according to the rules of the game to play, so as to avoid the unexpected. d。 In case of strong wind, Cet 4 or above) The weather such as rain, snow, fog, hail, used equipment are strictly prohibited in the open air outside the room, lest produce an accident.

product maintenance methods: you need to use the PVC material we provided and special adhesive to repair, to provide you with free maintenance within one year with glue. My company after-sales service will solve the problems in time for you, after receiving the customer information, instant give customers a processing opinion or technical guidance cannot real-time processing, will be within 24 hours with the customer contact and handling opinions according to actual situation. Good quality, excellent service, professional technology, is our commitment to every customer!

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