New buy an inflatable castle which aspects need to pay attention to safety management

2019 - 09 - 05 10:57:13

with the development of the era, there are more and more playground, children playing programs and also more and more, especially now many children like to play with inflatable castles, appears to be safe, but also need to pay attention to a lot of things, today we have to have a look.

1 first security check is very important, of course, the store will check the good, the other as parents, we also want to check, before children inflatable slide, to check whether a flat place, to avoid any damage to the slides caused a large number of dangerous gas leakage.

2 additional before entering the inflatable castles to slippers, don't carry the sharp things, in order to avoid cut amusement equipment or injury to themselves and others.

3 parents have on-site staff to watch the children, to avoid hitting the children because of intense running touch

for inflatable castle as a staff, to consider the health of children, these often rides to disinfection, to ensure that children can play in the process to avoid bacteria violations

4 and as parents, for children to play with more happy, may be out of a lot of sweat, parents should pay attention to timely to wipe the sweat, to avoid the child catch a cold catch a cold.

5 for a child, they compare strong curiosity, like to climb, don't let them up on the fence, looking toward the outside equipment. As parents, should pay attention to the child's every move, to prevent children hurt

inflatable castle, inflatable need to pay attention to details:

1, the first thing to do is spread out inflatable castle, inflatable 2, when fan has just started to pay attention to check the fan reversal 3. Just let on electric fan on the air inlet can be, is also very easy to operate and reliable use;

4, in order to guarantee the normal electricity, under normal circumstances is done with electricity can direct blowing a 220 v, general a few minutes to blow up for children to play

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