New amusement equipment returns reason what amounted to less than expected

2019 - 11 - 11 11:43:09

why sometimes the benefits of new amusement equipment can not meet expectations? Although in general the different types of equipment price difference, but as long as the mode of operation is proper, combined with appearance and playability interaction points, the income gained by the investors will not very poor. But if profits with large difference before that there is certainly a problem. Below small make up there for everyone to introduce this kind of situation analysis of the several reasons. At the time of new amusement equipment management problems, generally because the equipment available time is not long, in the early time of the equipment are not familiar with, amusement of the recognition and trust are low, and conversion rate was less than expected, so low earnings appear in equipment is normal. At this time investors should have to do is to strengthen the promotion, under normal circumstances, with the increase of product exposure intensity revenues will grow more. If new amusement equipment in promotional exposure after a period of time, still can not achieve the expected returns, this needs from the device itself to find questions, it is possible that the modelling of it is new, single game is relatively single lack of interactive entertainment, or is the product operation process of the frequent malfunction, to solve this problem is to replace equipment. In addition to new amusement equipment problems of its own, there is a kind of situation was the site of the investors choose problem, may be the operator choose inappropriate workplace environment, traffic is less, per capita consumption ability is limited, or around too competitive, and so on. If you want to improve this aspect of the problem, you ask operator based on the actual situation of try to choose the place of foot traffic.

for the first time in the amusement industry, because of amusement grasp the overall situation is not comprehensive, so here small make up suggest that small and medium-sized investors don't blindly involved in new project, select luxury carousel, mini shuttle, their with topics such as the control plane and traffic is clearly more appropriate.

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