Naughty fort inflatable castle, matters needing attention


now, no matter in the square, park, shopping malls, inflatable castle, inflatable castle, simple and convenient management, maintenance, more convenient and easy to operate. In order to ensure that your equipment to normal use fixed number of year, can't go to too many children at the beginning of the play, generally in the castle can accommodate three square, a child small facilities on the modelling adornment effect, can't let the child hard to pull, hard to tear, so as to avoid damage. Children in play, can't let the child with hard thing scribble on the device, so as to avoid damage. In case of equipment damage, can break and standby PVC coated with special glue, the glue is not glue the hand, in five minutes the glue, proper squeeze, you can use a few minutes. The pressure on the equipment is too soft, too check for air leakage, and tore hole, or a power outage, pressure is too hard, to put the fan inlet keep out a little. If a large area of abnormal use is damaged, the manufacturer can provide professional maintenance services, or directly send back to factory for repair.

amusement equipment professional do children's toy cars, inflatable castle, all sorts of module, square with amusement equipment, won the 'provincial famous trademark', thousands of new style, having a unique style, product sales throughout the country and abroad, welcome new and old customers, to come to consult, negotiate business, amusement, your correct choice!

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