Naughty castle project description

< p > naughty castle is designed according to children's characteristics, through scientific combination of three-dimensional form a collection of amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness for the integration of a new generation of young children's activity center, leave children in an exciting and safe recreation environment. The facility is beneficial to children energy and imagination into full play, in the fun at the same time, the body get aerobic endurance exercise; Competitive cater to children, not to be outdone, bold exploration, such as psychological needs, make children more healthy and happy smart growth; At the same time to cultivate children's brave, tough and stubborn personality, speed, strength, balance, coordination, such as quality, achieve the goal of physical fitness, the healthy brain intelligence. < / p > < p > naughty fort main items inside trampoline, ocean ball pool, gliding, wooden bridge, chain bridge, cockpit, rotating slide, slide, rainbow ladder, rock climbing, volcanic eruptions, carbine, cannon, cartoon every other row of cars, air balloon, coconut trees, water bed, house, carousel, time travel, happy octopus, inflatable jumping bed, water slides, water roller, pirate ship, mini wave devices such as turntable animals. < / p > < p > drill hole: main let children have a comprehensive exercise on physical fitness, body movements. < / p > < p > crazy gun array: physical exercise, to inspire children's enterprising spirit and courage to overcome difficulties. < / p > < p > ocean ball pool: can learn colors, credits, grouping, calculation, throwing, flapping motion, pack, discipline, habits, etc. < / p > < p > a trampoline: exercise his leg muscles, improve the body a gender. < / p > < p > balance table: build the body balance. < / p > < p > slide: children's limbs and body coordination get continuously fully exercise on the slide. < / p > < p > more: a ability for the balance of the body, improve body gender, exercise children's guts. < / p > < p > swinging bridge: a ability for the balance of the body, improve body a gender. Training children's guts. < / p > < p > and gliding: physical exercise, to inspire children's courage to overcome difficulties. < / p > < p > horn ball: posture and bilateral integration, promote the high degree of action plan. < / p > < p > massage ball: test the vestibular sense of balance and gravity of children. < / p > < p > yoyo: adjust natural feeling and visual identity. < / p > < p > the coconut: children in safe parallel rotating climb, sit stable cooperation, forming a new equilibrium in coordination with the onset of experience, to promote the improvement of sensory integration ability. < / p > < p > the water drum, children with intelligence and movement control a floating on the water ball, children can exercise limbs coordination. < / p > < p > water slides: increased dynamic elements in the traditional concept of the slide, make its brand-new on purpose, vision, children slide up and down to enjoy happy moment, gurgling sound that they even more enjoyable. < / p > < p > pavilion: climbing kid on the slide bar shake continuously upward climb, and climb to the top button, shows that the venture is successful, it not only can exercise children, perseverance, the spirit of adventure, and more sense of achievement after let its experience to complete the task. < / p > < p > happy octopus: children in equal rotation, using the way of lifting climbing, climbing to maintain body balance, promote children's endurance the waist, back, abdomen, and extremities. < / p > < p > the water bed, children in the perception of water bed smooth, soft and unstable characteristics, in the natural state in the face of challenge, accumulation control the body's own experience and activities. < / p > < p > treasure ships: kids on vacillated benign stimulation, can enrich young children's perceptual experience of ontology, the healthy development of the nervous system. < / p > < p > the small turntable: children in the slow rotating, high on the stage of the armrest, for they create the initiative to maintain body balance, in the development of movement coordination. < / p > < p > the balloon house: using the scientific principle of air convection and colorful and special material lightsome balloon perfect combination, when children step into the space, as if into the dream world. < / p > < p > inflatable trampoline: traditional inflatable bounce, climb the slide a variety of projects, such as increased use of air circulation within the scientific principle, restore the balloon continuously, let children enjoy like space weightlessness feeling. < / p > < p > time travel: children through vertical rotation, promote the development of the nervous system and mature, the rotation of the challenge of the game, accumulate experience, and to develop self-confidence and ability to adapt. < / p > < p > rocking climbing frame: children in a rocking climbing frame, free climbing up and down, the purpose is to increase the endurance and physical fitness of children, exercise balance and coordination. 1. Screen mesh: high strength nylon rope weaving tools, high intensity, insurance function consistent good specifications; < / p > < p > 2。 Bamboo tubes: galvanized bamboo tubes, conform to the domestic standard; < / p > < p > 3。 Bamboo tubes: galvanized bamboo tubes, conform to the domestic standard; < / p > < p > 4。 Wrapping: high density foam EVA foam, thick 6 mm, or covered with shiny leather, easy to scrub, delicate and charming color, not easy broken, good flame retardant; < / p > < p > 5, rainbow ladder: external for wooden, two bag heavy foam sponge, high intensity, naughty fort to reach high quality insurance function, the slope Angle when device is less than 30 degrees, consistent state specifications; < / p > < p > 6, balcony: naughty fort outside for sandwich plate, high strength, high quality insurance function; < / p > < p >
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