National Day Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation amusement business, let you make full bowl bowl full of water

2019 - 08 - 29 10:56:37

the prevalence of Mid-Autumn festival began in the song dynasty, to Ming and qing dynasties, along with New Year's day, to become one of the major festivals in China. About the origin of the Mid-Autumn festival, generally there are three: originated from the ancient worship of the month, the month under the dance to meet custom, the ancient custom autumn report of the land. The moon in the lunar calendar in China, August 15 more than the other months of the full moon circle, more bright, so they are called 'the moon and the' 'the mid autumn festival'. That night, people look up to the sky like jade such as dish bright moon, nature would look forward to a family reunion. , that consigns the also take this feeling of hometown and relatives thoughts of love. Footsteps approaching, as the Mid-Autumn festival the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day amusement equipment business is very hot, we all left work and urban belt of the children to play around the Mid-Autumn festival the atmosphere of the National Day also is becoming more and more strong. And New Year's day for office worker can be a good relax vacation, for children's amusement equipment operators is the best time to make money, the following and see what the Chinese New Year fun amusement equipment is waiting for us! National Day the long vacation with children must have played inflatable castle slides of this kind of inflatable toys. Parks and plazas, markets, the popularity of temple fair also can see this kind of entertainment facilities, novel and lovely modelling is to attract the attention of the children, not gathered a lot of children of a small castle, business scene is very hot.

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