Maxed trill web celebrity of the tourist attractions have?

2019 - 10 - 25 10:52:11

nearly two years trill hot rise, not only create a group of web celebrity men and women, also made a large number of web celebrity rides, today the dragon small surplus small make up take you take stock of nearly two years trill maxed scenic spot what web celebrity project. Glass plank road

walk on the glass, the glass is unfathomable cliff, under some scenic spots of glass plank road will also along with the steps to create illusion, glass rupture is very exciting have orders? The tianmen mountain at the glass plank road is the famous are: glass road, zhangjiajie grand canyon glass bridge, baoding wav glass bridge, stone cattle walled glass bridge, including stone cattle village bridge is currently the world's highest glass bridge, as much as 180 meters, the total length of 300 meters.

shout springs a shout will have water out, the greater the sound, the higher the water column, the strange fun natural phenomenon has created a 'web celebrity shout fountain', after a lot of people see on the trill, all think shout spring experience personally, small make up of the dragon company understand the fun of shout springs have hubei wuhan mulan mountain tianchi, jinzhai heaven village scenic area, in addition guangdong shaoguan shout cloud gate mountain springs, is said to shout out the rainbow. Rainbow rainbow slide the chute type design are: straight slide, wave slide, slide, slide wave pendulum fly package, the project is also popular in the trill, older children can also play. Swing bridge two people standing on the swing bridge, by the slow and fast back and forth, with poor balance will fell into the water, the fun rides once started, then hot. Web celebrity small train first mini train at nanjing after 1912 block, there is a web celebrity small train; Xu Changlong surplus amusement equipment carefully to create a web celebrity in universal city chongqing undeterred by the train start, by the majority of amusement and cute like it. Web celebrity web celebrity Bali jungle big swing swing, just take a photo is large, the trill thumb up on high; On the swings in the cliff but need courage. Chongqing wansheng dream ordovician of 18 meters high altitude web celebrity swings, have the courage to challenge. Bungee jumping bungee jumping is a very challenging facilities, not only is very popular in foreign countries, and in domestic is also a very popular item. Now more and more people choose to go bungee jumping exercise their guts. Home of the highest bungee jump: macau tower macau tower bungee jumping projects, 233 m.

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