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2019 - 07 - 19 08:20:16

this summer, no place to play? Took the kids to play inflatable castle. In child's play and exercise the lung capacity, at the same time with other kids adds to the fun to play together.

inflatable castle modelling is novel and unique, bright color, can attract the attention of the friends at a distance, so as to attract the role of amusement. Castle early in the design, pay attention to the internal structure, on the basis of diverse gameplay, left a very large space, under the same size, inflatable castle for more children, let the customer more profitable

amusement equipment, is a collection development, design, production, sales and other professional amusement equipment company, focus on toy production and development for 12 years, good quality, quality assurance, price concessions. Castle department focus castle decades, have special design and r&d department, production workshop, has special castle accept the incoming sample ordering, figure design, can be made according to how much your site size width.

amusement equipment, have their own production space, with automatic cutting bed machine, hot melt welding machine, large heat sealing machine, laminating machine and other supporting facilities. Independent production, independent research and development, customers can rest assured the choose and buy.

children's amusement equipment, the most popular investment projects, low cost, high income, back to the fast, there is no default. Check on site. Time and space at random. Is really a very lucrative investment, now is summer vacation time, children must stay not to live at home, come out to play is that a few place, put an empty space inflatable castle can bring a lucrative oh, see the boss hurriedly order for business opportunities.

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