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The only water park in the Middle East, noStop the fun and excitementWater Park.Located on the iconic Palm Island, it is the largest water park in the Middle East and Europe, with record-breaking rides and water slides.Not only that-It also provides you with a rare and unique experience of swimming with sharks!In this article, let\'s take a closer look at the big water park.
First of all, why are you visiting?Dubai has taken everything to the extreme. when it comes to water parks, is there anything better than water parks?Totally luxurious, world class.The famous amazing season used to be in the water park team.
I remember a team losing after a lady couldn\'t take the challenge on the Neptune slide.Well, for a piece of cheesecake, I went down the slide more than once, but again and again.Remind you to go first if necessary;There may be extreme temperatures in Dubai, guess what, it\'s a cool and perfect place, unlike in buildings with air conditioning.
The water park is the perfect choice for families.Most rides and slides may be best for adults over the age of 12, but there are also other rides and slides suitable for smaller children.Free from the sights of the world!Including, of course, those surrounded by sharks, Stingray and fish.
The water park was named Dubai\'s best water park.The park is well maintained with no signs of wear or rust.All devices are in perfect condition.It is one of the largest water parks in the world and one of the largest water parks in the Middle East and Europe.
This vast land allows it to find some of the most epic, record-breaking rides/slides anywhere.Located in Palm Island, the water park is very popular here.The Palm hotel is the most iconic attraction in Dubai and the most visited attraction in the city.
The water park is located at the Atlanta resort.The world\'s largest waterslide that allows you and your family/friends to slide through long winding slides and eventually fall into the world\'s largest fiberglass tube.Get ready, get ready, and experience gravity like no other car.
Experience a variety of feelings as you slide up and down during your Zoomerango ride.This one lets you wait in the chute before the trap door opens and lets you drop at 60 km/hour.The pioneer of Dubai\'s double waterslide allows you to compete with friends and family in a tortuous frenzy.
The heart-beating journey will allow you to slide down the 9-story slide in a second, allowing you to get the most adrenaline out of all the rides in the park.Take the subway of one or two people along the Sea Tower to the destination of the shark lagoon.Getting close to these predators is a unique experience.
Definitely not a typical cup mat.
They include a unique technology that can help you move up and down the distorted tunnel of water flow.At the Water Adventure water park, the waterways and snakes of the whole park provide a unique way to discover different parts of the park.This is a 1.The whole park is 6 km long with rivers and white water to enjoy.
The wave generator produces a thin wave of up to one metre.Overlooking the park, the swimming pool offers a leisurely cruise along the waterways.Why not arrive early?You will thank me later.
I mean, first of all, you don\'t want to be late when everyone else arrives, you have to face a large group of people.Second, it won\'t be too hot;The park is open at 10: 00 A.M.Avoid bringing unnecessary things to the park.
There is a locker and tower for rent near the entrance.Shirts or shirts are not allowed on Rides/slides.Don\'t forget unnecessary things like selfie sticks and don\'t take them to the park.
Sorry if I let you down, it\'s for your own safety.Ladies, consider wearing a swimsuit.You ask why?Think about all the splashes and slides, and you absolutely can\'t give anything a chance, like loose clothes that might accidentally hook into something.Can be tragic!Bring sunscreen with you.Remember, you will walk in the park in your swimsuit.
Sunscreen will come in handy as hats and sunglasses are not allowed on the ride/slide.Don\\\'t Forget..The Lost Room is an indoor Aquarium in Atlanta, Palm Island.Everything is on another level in Dubai, and so is the aquarium.
It\'s just amazing sea creatures with eye-opening.It also provides a great way to end the super active day of riding/sliding.You can get up close and personal interaction with amazing dolphins in Atlanta Dolphin Bay.
Watch their unique, lovely behavior and even play with them in their natural habitat.Please note that this is the only beach in Dubai Water Park.The white sand beach stretches 700 for everyone to enjoy.
Now it\'s your turn to enjoy yourself at the water park.Get your ticket itickets.AE definitely has a big discount today, and it\'s easier and more convenient
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