Let people these square tractor amusement equipment

2019 - 08 - 28 08:50:57

square tractor tractor tractor amusement equipment equipment square body, let people heart square tractor amusement equipment introduced a more suitable for amusement park the car - square - - - - - - Toy car, tractor tractor is made up of 2 piece of 32 battery, 350 watts of large motor, three generations of the controller, double the steering wheel, the former 6 inch vacuum tire, 7 inch after vacuum tires, steel solid body, steel structure, music light speed can be freely exchange, three colors, red, yellow, blue, very atmospheric grade, double the steering wheel, an adult, a child can sit once launched by a lot of new and old customers advisory, order. With the development of the society, the improvement of living standards, children's amusement park, children's playground is more and more popular, and even the inside of the square, park, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on a corner can also build a small playground, the children laughter inside, and it buzzes. And now the one-child is more, every child is the baby of the family, the child's needs more become a concern of every parent, parents want their children live in happiness, every day to the fairy tale of his childhood, thus amusement equipment for this arduous mission, that is every amusement equipment manufacturer must pay attention to the problem. Therefore, relevant departments should strengthen anping test of the small park amusement equipment and management, ensure the correspondence rules specification, secure peace; The need for some special visitors vehicle such as a cable car, cableway, rock climbing, bungee jumping, adventure, shooting and other large-scale amusement facilities anping regulation, eliminate accident hidden danger thoroughly. In addition, also deal with large-scale amusement equipment practitioners enhance anping knowledge training, accident prevention, equipment maintenance aspects such as peace, children's park is designed for children to provide professional education services required for growth, must take children's safety as the first. Good children's amusement equipment toys will let the child play it over and over again, in a variety of different Angle to think, to play for a long time also not fed up. Children will always be filled with curiosity, they often create new play toys. In addition, they like to use imagination to fixed point toy, for example, toys add a wheel to turn into a moving car, children will feel happy and interesting. New amusement equipment most based on traditional amusement equipment, through the improvement and combination of the traditional equipment is more, but also a breakthrough of traditional innovation. Can be well-advised now is looking for a custom outdoor playground equipment manufacturers.
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