Large inflatable amusement equipment, how to deal with the leakage


now basically every amusement park, shopping malls, supermarkets can see large inflatable amusement equipment, naughty fort. Because of the naughty castle for children not only can exercise the coordination of the body, still can cultivate their brave character, and the most important is can also be educational, so parents are willing to take their children to play naughty castle.

but as inflatable amusement equipment, naughty fort appear leakage is inevitable, the amount of air leakage is normal, but if there are a lot of air leakage phenomenon, that is about to consider whether or not the naughty castle damaged. If confirm damaged because of the naughty castle and appear a large number of air leakage, that is about to repair of amusement equipment, repair time don't use some material, because of the naughty castle at the time of production is PVC, the PVC material to the child's body no harm, so at the time of repair is best to use the material. In repair time make a proposal to cut into a circular patch material, or according to the material texture, cut is greater than the gap in the shape of a style, suggest size from 3 to 5 cm gap, gap too small stick, too big not easy to stick. And before the glue must need to repair the surface is clean, otherwise because of the impurity is not easy to cement, will cause the secondary cracking. Repair materials and need to repair the surrounding coated with rubber after compaction or other items with the hand, don't leave the air bubble, if the temperature is low, Suggestions can with blower, ensure the need to repair cement. Under the condition of normal, in glue can be used normally after a few minutes.

because of the inflatable amusement equipment mainly supported by air, so small make up remind equipment operators at the sweet village must always pay attention to whether the equipment failure, in order to avoid because of unnecessary security leak happen!

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