Land rushed off, children's favorite amusement

2019 - 10 - 16 15:11:58

the son rushed off land with children as the main object in a game, each level different style, rich style, the children rushed off to experience in the process of drilling, climbing, riding, along, wear, sliding and jumping movement, loosen body and mind; The beauty of the colorful images, the image vivid cartoon image, let the children as if place oneself in the beautiful fairy tale world. In interactive games, harmonious and tense atmosphere to eliminate the distance between the children and companion, make between partners can interact more actively, to shape children's optimistic character, is a real used to scientific, educational, entertainment and education for the integration of interactive inflatable amusement combination. Production land rushed off the advantages as follows: 1, the convenience of use: only need to use a small fan hedge closed equipment, object completely, eliminating the current popular rushed off equipment disassembly, assembly process, convenient and simple. Just need to put the gas off at the end of the game can be directly packed out. 2, with mobility: land blunt shut equipment on site requirements are relatively low, only need to have a piece of flat, open ground can meet, with its portability, makes the land rush off equipment can operate at any place. From the current popular rushed off the shortcoming of fixed equipment location. 3, safety: use non-toxic, tasteless, authenticated by the international standards of environmental protection and new materials, through many years practice experience, scientific adjustment of the pressure, to ensure the safety of amusement equipment. 4, composability: land inflatable blunt shut device is composed of multiple blunt shut module, can according to different needs, to keep the novelty rushed off equipment. 5, economic practicability: land rush off equipment for its pungent, entertaining and powerful campaign will form a strong appeal, and its low cost, low operating costs, costs less but the return on investment is very high. 6, themes, expressive: land blunt shut equipment can design different products according to different themes. For example: environmental theme, cultural theme, natural theme, theme such as fairy tale, have fun. 7, no season limitation: currently popular wading rushed off the project only when the weather is hot in the summer, push through land project is not limited by season, in addition to the bad weather such as rain and snow, other time can be carried out, this is the land clearance from popular impact and one of the biggest advantages. 8, indoor and outdoor can be used.
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