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Kindergarten parents winter games with these interesting props

by:Bouncia      2020-06-03

a, activity time: 20 xx years May 4, at 13, activity and location: county compound 3, activities are divided into groups and individual projects: 1, by the strong sisterly partiality; 2, snowball; 3, tear name brand: 1, jerboa belt; 2 rainbow bridge; 3, walk of cloth, sign up to 1, the teams: group projects: in unit for team, a team for is available, each team is made up of 5 people ( Young women more than 2) 1, need to register with a team name and team leader.

school parent-child activities necessary? Actually mainly has the benefits of a 3 o 'clock, to promote the relationship between parents and children some parents think that as long as oneself can easily put the child in the school, gave some education responsibility is all to the teacher. But that the relationship between parents and children will reduce, was also studies have shown that children growing up in many aspects, such as character, and parents' education way has a lot to do. Parents usually no matter children, parent-child relationship may be a problem, and the school s parent-child activities can enhance parent-child relationship to some extent, let parents can more understand and participate in a child's growth process. A child could feel only the love of their parents so that they can form a benign and harmonious parenthood.

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