just add a water park, and watch revenue climb

Alison gregocote
2006 some of the most popular hotels in the hospitality industry-
After the guest does not carry the credit card;
In fact, they don\'t even have a job.
When it comes to dining, their taste can be a bit capricious.
These valuable customers are children, and some hotel companies have developed more family services in recent years.
A destination-oriented resortLarge and Small passengers.
Even leisure hotels that haven\'t opened yet--
Travel hotels from Lois to Howard Johnson--
More children are added.
Convenient facilities.
\"The main brands have children\'s programs like Camp Hyatt and Ritz Kids, but have never looked at hotel real estate development specifically designed for children as it is now, Nolan said.
Hecht, director of the cusman & Wakefield Hotel Group, a brokerage firm.
One of the biggest projects is Nickelodeon Family Suites in Orlando, Florida.
Opened in May 2005 with two swimming pools, 13 water slides, a \"children\'s spa\" and cartoons --
Theme rooms with childrenFurniture size.
The advertisement was originally a Holiday Inn tailored for children, which was purchased by Denver developer Miller global properties;
The company made a $20 million conversion and was licensed by Nickelodeon, a children\'s cable channel.
The hotel\'s 777 rooms are in a \"family style\" and offer separate bedrooms for children for between $169 and $600 per night.
\"Our occupancy rate will reach 80% by the end of this year,\" says Anthony melkiri, Miller\'s global hotel manager and general manager.
The hotel has become a \"destination\", he said \".
\"Miller Global has developed or acquired around 65 office buildings and hotels worldwide and is currently in the final design phase of a second hotel under the San Diego Nickelodeon brand.
The construction cost of the hotel is expected to be about $0. 2 billion.
The company is also looking for venues for future Nickelodeon Resorts in Hawaii, New York and Europe.
Melchiorri said, adding that it has submitted an application to re-develop part of Long Island, New York, as the Nickelodeon resort.
Last year, the big Wolf Resort in Madison, USA.
The Wolf Lodge opened in Pennsylvania, bringing it to 8 water park resorts in the United States and Canada.
The company plans to develop three more resorts by 2008. The resorts --
From 270 to 400 units, organized around a well-designed indoor water park of 34,000 to 82,000 square feet-
It usually costs more than $100 million.
John Emery, chief executive of the big Wolf Resort, said the return on this impressive investment was worth it.
\"About the third part that people spend is beyond what they pay for the room,\" Mr. Emery said.
About 30 to 35% of the company\'s revenue comes from the sale of food, beverages and goods, he said; in-
Hotel Entertainment; game rooms;
Hot Springs and other attractions.
The suite can sleep 6 for $169 to $699 per night, including the water park.
The average price per day is $205.
91, income per available room--
Measures usually calculated by multiplying the average daily rate of the hotel by the occupancy rate--is $133. 71;
These two numbers are about twice the national number.
These attractive returns have prompted more hotels to develop water parks.
According to David J. , about 200 projects have been proposed or are in progress nationwide, including several projects at Holiday Inn and Best Western hotels
Cleveland ree is a consulting firm specializing in water park resorts in Cleveland and is the president of hotel Leisure Consultants.
\"What these water parks are showing is a real family and children\'s market . \"Sangree said.
\"It is the children who drive their parents to these facilities because the parents themselves will not go.
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In 1997, Travelodge was the first hotel chain to promote the concept of rooms designed for children nationwide, with a sleepy bear study.
The rooms are furnished with miniature furniture and sleep bear decorations, which are very popular, especially in leisure markets such as Orlando and Anaheim, California.
Joe Maddux, head of operations at Westmont hotel group, said the group has 540 hotels of 13 different brands worldwide.
In the process of constantly trying to distinguish brands, he said, \"in the leisure market, you start to see theme hotels, not hotels with only theme rooms . \". Even some more-
Traditional hotels are trying to open up the family market, especially on weekends.
Sheraton Orlando North is located in Maitland, Florida.
, Upgraded and reopened in August, added pool-
Water supply facilities in areas such as fountains and hot tubs.
There is also a game room, a picnic area and a family suite.
Anita black welder, sales and marketing director at Paramount Hotels group, said: \"The plan is to attract business travelers to come in early or later and bring their families,\" the owner of the hotel.
\"Families use more services in hotels, so restaurants, bars and services earn more,\" she said . \".
Hotel chains can increase children
Facilities are friendly, including water facilities in the pool area, family suites and playrooms for only $2 million, Kenneth P said
Balin is president and chief executive of AMC Delancey, a Philadelphia private real estate investment company that owns Sheraton Orlando north.
His company is upgrading similar child facilities at the select Holiday Inn neperville near Chicago.
Advertising, he added, but such an investment would not pay off without additional services;
These could mean anything for babies.
Sit next to the children\'s special menu.
\"When a family of four lives in your hotel, you have four opportunities to either get things right or four opportunities to get things wrong . \"Balin said.
\"If a child complains all the time, it\'s ruins for everyone.
You must be able to please all of them.
Including parents and older children.
For example, Nickelodeon Hotel is adding activities for teenagers and the San Diego resort will provide spa for the whole family.
At the same time, the Wolf Inn provides Aveda spa.
The water park is also very large and can be enjoyed by adults, so \"dad won\'t feel like he violated McDonald\'s playground \". Emery said.
The Wolf also handled business groups of up to 250 people during the school year and added meeting space to its cabin.
Its latest facility in Mason, Ohio will open on December for £ 40,000square-
Conference Center.
The Nickelodeon Hotel under construction in San Diego will also have a separate wing for business meetings and conferences.
\"If you want to open a business meeting ,\"
\"You didn\'t even know you were at the Nick Hotel,\" Melchiorri said.
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As long as you add a water park, you can see the income rising.
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