It will soon be winter, your ski equipment ready?

2019 - 11 - 05 14:52:06

China's vast, vast differences in the north-south climate, the north in winter ice and snow, cold climate, caused a shortage of recreational resources, can't meet the demand of the spirit of the broad masses of people's leisure, so the subject of ice and snow snow park should arise, in snow and ice paradise, bumper car game experience is the best on the ice, ice temperature field has become a paradise laughter in most places, ice and snow that why the ice bumper cars so popular? Below we analyze about this type of snow and ice playground equipment. Ice motos device has the advantages of: 1, strong game experience: compared with the traditional bumper cars, ice bumper cars more entertaining and traditional motos site coarse, high friction, when the vehicle collision, under the influence of the reaction and the reaction of vehicles produced by the displacement is small, the game of stimulating, bumper cars and the ice is used on the ice, friction is very small, when the car body collision, under the effect of impact and rebound, the vehicle can produce a larger displacement, will be accompanied by a steering, the effect of rotation, the game's thrilling stimulation strengthen greatly, but also in the larger displacement and other ice bumper cars collided, causing a chain reaction, make the game confrontational and more interactive, easy to all visitors to the site into the game, which for a company-wide test, manufacturing and have fun together. 2, driving method is simple: traditional ski equipment used on all want to have some professional skill, takes practice, before using such as skis, beginners is not easy to master, will consume large amounts of energy use, not endure. And ice bumper cars driving method is easy to learn, just remember the location of the switches can be used freely, whether adults or children, can quickly adapt to, quickly into the game; 3, high safety: the ice motos peripheral buffer inflatable balloon, can effectively will impact force air out, even if released, produce very big displacement, also won't let a person have inertia of weightlessness discomfort, nor a cartwheel, an accident, so the safety coefficient is high, can be at ease use. Bumper cars use 4, strong battery life: the ice storage battery as a driving force, energy and environment health, not by the number of games such as tail gas exceeds bid security hidden danger, super power battery life, don't have to worry about because of power outages and affect the normal business; 5, good appearance: the ice motos modelling variety, color luster gorgeous, with LED lights, make the equipment more attract the attention of visitors, stimulate consumption; Bumper cars to join 6, convenient management: the ice can timing control module, let operators are easier to manage. According to statistics, in paradise within an operating season of snow and ice, ice bumper cars with a profit of 30% of the total income - 40%, in the consumer of many voting equipment, bumper car on the ice at the top of the list, a consumer favorite ice playground equipment, natural ice bumper cars has become an indispensable part of the ice and snow park.
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