It is necessary to check children's amusement equipment technology


  Children's amusement equipment manufacturing and installation safety and quality are closely related. Equipment installation quality control is an important part of children's amusement equipment safe operation. However, some amusement equipment factory. They do not comply with the construction quality plan and construction technical documents. Process control is not important, leading to a random installation process. Too much sex and installation accuracy and quality is difficult to guarantee. Due to the installation and transportation, large-scale amusement facilities cannot be shipped from the factory. Some important structural steel parts must be in the field assembly and welding. If you don't follow the construction process on site installation personnel, will inevitably lead to severe hidden trouble.

  Scrutiny of children's amusement equipment technical information, confirm the integrity of the equipment related to materials, correctness and consistency, and confirm the equipment of the physical and data consistency, in order to ensure the integrity of the materials and objects.

  Supervise the installation process is a core problem. In the process of inspection, often found in the installation process, due to machining error is big, filler material, may be increased at lead to welding stress concentration or inadequate, and hidden dangers. An important part of correct selection of the main links section should not be careless.

  Also, the company's marketing process inspection process. By checking and implementing the company's rules and regulations, implement company's safety and quality responsibility, in completes the data review, after dismantling and etc, it is necessary for children's amusement equipment technical inspection and examination. After check and accept the documents, will issue a check mark.

  2 it is to look at the choice of new children's amusement equipment. Effect of amusement equipment of paint must be fresh in the factory, bright and light. FRP products only by using special coating to achieve such effect. If matt paint, work is very rough, and the wind is less than half a year, it will fade. Due to the early isn't doing a good job, the late effect must be very poor. The adornment of the amusement equipment in glass fiber reinforced plastic part, so this part should be fine, delicate, bright.

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