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2019 - 08 - 28 11:08:19

a lot of people now operate amusement equipment, can operate amusement equipment field also has a lot of, such as park, square, shopping malls, bazaar, etc. But many park amusement area has also been other operators of long-term leases, the inside of the store's amusement park the rent is too expensive, you can choose this site only square piece. Now a lot of cities have a lot of square, like cultural square, sports square, etc. , these places are good places to operate amusement equipment. Then operate amusement equipment in the square, what are the amusement equipment design can choose?

spin class amusement equipment

2: lifting class amusement equipment

amusement equipment lifting classes like lifting a small plane, rotating movements of bears, such as

3: bumper car class equipment

bumper car class equipment like cartoon motos, inflatable bumper cars, flying saucer motos, inflatable bumper cars and so on.

4: inflatable toy class amusement equipment

inflatable toys like inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide, inflatable rock climbing, inflatable pool beach

5: water class amusement equipment

water amusement equipment like air touch fish pond, hand boat, battery ship such as

6: electronic amusement machine

electronic amusement like basketball machine, pinball machines, coin-operated amusement machine, etc.

in general, the square is suitable for the small convenient cover an area of an area small mobile management devices, like a small child swatches amusement equipment, has the function of remote control, one can control several sets of amusement equipment, save time and effort, if you have other problems can be directly concern or consulting a swatch amusement.

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