Investment money inflatable castle?

2019 - 08 - 25 11:50:47

inflatable castle small investment back this quick inflatable toy of small volume, easy to handle, beautiful appearance, novel styles, diverse products play method, fitness puzzle, widely applicable to a variety of outdoor space, low investment, high return. For various shapes, free to design the product drawing for you, make your product more market competitiveness, professional production of professional analysis, make your product more market-based investment benefit is more obvious. Inflatable castle is to adopt the new mesh PVC environmental protection material, the material of the clip is high strength polyester silk warp knitting fabric, high quality PVC paste, adopt the method of coating applied to the net on both sides. This kind of material is widely used in the world gas mold material. Related accessories: distribution corresponding to the fan, glue and repair material. Service life: can use around eight to thousands of people. After-sales service: three years of free maintenance with glue and Angle materials, my company's after-sales service will solve the problems in time for you, after receiving the customer information, instant give customers a processing opinion or technical guidance cannot real-time processing, will be within 24 hours with the customer contact and handling opinions according to actual situation.

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