Investment large amusement equipment investment introduction

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investment large amusement equipment in the late before the introduction of capital required by a good large amusement equipment because it is good fun, often can bring us a very high economic benefits. However, we at the time of operating large-scale amusement equipment, also need to invest a lot of money. Ready to run the funds required to large-scale amusement equipment, to enable us to better business.

here, is to let small make up to introduce, the late before the investment large amusement equipment needed the money related introduction:

1, the prophase investment are:

venue rental, simple decoration fees, purchase large amusement equipment costs, pre-opening advertising investment, to handle the tickets, membership fees, such as business license fees and relevant operating procedures for the.

2, the late investment funds are: large-scale amusement equipment sanitary cost at ordinary times, if small size can clean yourself, or on a regular basis for National People's Congress clean once a week. The usual equipment maintenance cost, general suppliers can provide a certain period of free maintenance, should pay attention to when buying purchase and service contract, otherwise the manufacturer not the dead didn't also the way. New equipment to increase costs, as the improvement of management, to continuously update the new equipment, there is no fresh passenger flow will be less and less. As well as water and electricity, fire protection, equipment maintenance, etc. , if the money is enough, can install cameras in the field, the convenience of management, and can effectively guard against theft.

when we handle a large recreation equipment must prepare enough money, so just can let us more safe management of large amusement equipment.

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