Investment in children's park, how to effectively control the cost

2019 - 10 - 26 09:03:40

investment in children's paradise, control operating costs are critical. So, on the investment indoor children's paradise, how to do effective control cost? After opening, need to pay attention to what issues?

a, the cost of the park consists of what? Big small and medium-sized park, an important part of the cost, there are two a's development costs before the park opened, the second is after opening business cost. Development costs and include the following items: engineering cost, organization expenses, the marketing expenses, reserve funds, etc. , usually accounted for the biggest engineering cost, up to 70% - 80%. Operating costs include the following items: business cost, management, marketing, financial expenses, business tax and additional management fees accounted for the biggest among them, 50% - 60%.

2, how to effectively control the development cost of paradise? Full and accurate market analysis can reduce the risk of the investment: now many children's park, at the time of development park in pursuit of a big word, area is larger, bigger investment scale; High-end fashion atmosphere is not wrong, but if blindly follow suit, the final result is homogeneity problem, and the lack of an effective market support, but WuXiaoYi have scale, not only cause the waste of resources, and bring the late operation cost increase.

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