Investment in children's naughty castle what area is good in general

B。 Selected location main point: < p > 1, suitable for young couples live, high birth rates around the neighborhood < / p > < p > if the investment is less, recommend 0 1 year old baby's pavilion. Because 0 - 1 year old pavilion is the scope of the newborn, site selection should focus on the young couple's wedding neighborhood, the high birth rate. Do not ask next to a busy street, such not only saves water breeding the high cost of the garden, also provides parents with a good travel conditions. Because young parents to the baby to get up early to cultivate the idea of awareness is higher, so the natural will be looking for is good for the baby. Inside the village and the parents don't have to worry about the cold weather with the baby go out not convenient, there is another important factor, because sleep and eating occupies 0 1 year old baby most of the time, so to avoid long way affect baby's sleep and eating. Cause baby arrived at the park because sleep and eating problems not to swim in time and delay time. < / p > < p > 2, near a pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology hospital, maternal and child health hospital, such as < / p > < p > the children's hospital, in the great cities of the maternity hospital, will go to, sets up the newborn swimming this place only in the baby in the hospital the stage can be run. So many pregnant women and children are often in and out of here, virtually to a lot of parents don't understand the baby swimming provides a good baby swimming common sense. But a lot of parents was released from the hospital after a few specially took the baby to the hospital to enjoy such a service, so near the hospital to do such a water park, will bring a lot of customers, publicity is also relatively relaxed many. < / p > < p > 3, kindergarten is relatively concentrated, selling infant or infant entertainment places near < / p > < p > if you want to do is 0 Or 0 to 3 years old 6 years of age range of baby bath paradise, building area have the scale in the first place. If you want to do the public can have store of consumption is not high, so we suggest upscale neighborhood outlets, or peripheral kindergarten is more, sell more than the infant child shop. That not only the newborn can be received, the kindergarten baby will play in their spare time to store, to the store increase income. < / p > < p > 4, bustling bazaar inside < / p > < p > if the input is too big, do high-end sites, then chrysanthemum can consider to do in a busy shopping mall. Now the big cities, children's market gradually increased, children's entertainment is carried out in full swing. In the mall's first customers don't worry, also need not take great pains to propaganda, just decorate the store and the high cost of water bath paradise, etc, but the charge will also takes high-end course. < / p > C。 Location positioning < p > 1, the small shop in the store site selection, considering the overall lack of sense of atmospheric downward, functions and services is in danger, not enough to attract customers from afar, it should be considered relatively busy section or targeted relatively concentrated area, such as street stores, large senior residential activity center, etc. < / p > < p > 2, medium the inn in inn address selection, because already has a certain size, business scope, location can be less lonely, but be sure to call him is convenient, has a parking lot. Environment better, there are other configuration services and good natural environment is ideal. < / p > < p > a large shop in the store site selection, had better be in, convenient transportation and parking lot. Environment better, there are other configuration services and good natural environment is ideal, such as large food centers, recreation centers, parks, large senior residential area, etc. < / p >
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