Investment in children's naughty castle what area is good in general

< p > children naughty castle must have every investor can see the boom, but to have a idea want to into the children's naughty fort investors, always want to before the project implementation of a general planning, to looking for a location, achieve their goals and objectives. So what's the area of investment in children's naughty castle general field is more appropriate? < / p > < p > actually for naughty fort area of planning, you first need to determine what you want to the site is located in the position, is a large square or life beside high-grade residential area, or is in the park and other places, different places on the site area of demand is different, today we are naughty fort in the mall to illustrate. < / p > < p > if we want to open a naughty fort shop in the mall, give you advice of the site area is 150 - 300 square, because if only such area can guarantee our profit maximization. < / p > < p > first of all, the area of more than 150 square, we ride can be achieved within the site diversity, have increased interest in the naughty fort, so as to effectively guarantee the store traffic. < / p > < p > second, in the area in 150 - Within the field of about 300 square, we can accommodate enough children to play, also can let we can have more income. If the area is too small, so if people are concentrated, the children were playing in the inside does not open, it would be inappropriate. < / p > < p > third, shop area limit below 300, effectively avoid the waste of ground rent and high spending. For market of passenger flow, general play travel peak at the same time as long as have two flat area is enough to cope with, and if area increases again, we will need to consider additional fire channel, etc. , thus will cause the field empty and waste. < / p > < p > can be seen from the above situation, naughty fort stores in shopping malls, area of best choice around a wupan flat is the most suitable, of course, if you choose the site location and traffic are very good, it can be appropriate to expand area. < / p > < p > but this is just give you advice, more detailed advice need to choose according to the site location and the surrounding environment comprehensive, rather than to generalize. If you have no idea, you can also contact our customer service, we will give you the most faithful advice. < / p > < p > 1 population structure < / p > < p > mainly according to the target customers such as gender, age, culture, occupation classification statistics and analysis to facilitate further study of late. < / p > < p > 2 family composition < / p > < p > main composition for family personnel a understanding, naughty fort main target customers are children, so naughty fort sites around children need relatively concentrated area. < / p > < p > 3 income < / p > < p > customer groups can be estimated according to the income situation out of the consumer may line, consumption ability, and in what stage of life. < / p > < p > 4 consumption < / p > < p > this is a naughty fort important reference indexes for pricing, consumer is the target customers, direct embodiment of purchasing power. 5 buying habits < / p > < p > < / p > < p > understanding consumer groups often where consumption, often buy what products and services, understanding of consumer habits help investors choose the naughty castle children's theme park, and naughty castle adventure playground service reference standard, naughty fort location at the same time reliable nearly daily customer visit business super, stores nearby, with sentiment, improve the rate of into the store. Travel way < / p > < p > 6 < / p > < p > on the one hand, way to travel in the naughty castle location need to travel path, moreover also the main way to travel according to the target customers judge whether the location of traffic and parking facilities, as well as the customers into the store time length, because the way time will affect the customer's different psychological scales.

A. Store location < p > ( A) Appearance, appearance: vision, good visibility, the transportation is convenient, try to avoid obstructions. < / p > < p > ( 2) Attention, location choice < / p > < p > ( 1) And the combination of business district and residential area should be grasped, the pursuit of a relatively stable customer base. < / p > < p > ( 2) , to grasp the distinction between the good traffic and the number of cars, the pursuit of crowd, avoid high traffic mainly targeted action inconvenience caused. < / p > < p > ( 3) , the structure of the housing security, water and electricity complete health, not affected by the climate, demolition and other factors. < / p > < p > ( 4) , combined with the study of the results of the survey, and define the store address location site selection can use the following strategies: < / p > < p > A strategy: ride in principle don't store locations near big too their peers, however if peers just bigger, but the service level is not high, the service project of outdated, obsolete equipment, or no advertising promotion, suggests that peers are not market competitiveness, can fully close to store locations, customers will be more effective to rivals. < / p > < p > B standout strategies: when your in other than their own small community, will be able to obtain good effect of stand out. The use of this strategy pay attention to modest, if all the other around too small and the grade is too low, and it could lower our class image. < / p > < p > C par coexistence strategy: to place oneself in upscale community, on a par with high-grade counterparts. Pay attention to when using this strategy, our scale, decorate class, service level and so on, must not be lower than counterparts, is the best strategy is higher than peers, otherwise you will always in the passive position in competition. < / p > < p > D benefits exclusive strategy: to join after investigation found that a targeted very concentrated area, but not near the project service, you should do at this time that 'the first person to eat crab' will enjoy good exclusive. < / p >
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