Investment bumper cars need to how much money? Make money?

2019 - 10 - 04 08:22:20

there are a number of recent asked investors 'investment bumper car need how much money? Make money? 'In fact, investment bumper car industry is mainly two pieces cost? The first is the children's bumper cars, nt, the second is the cost of purchase bumper cars. The following is the battery bumper car manufacturers bring a investment of bumper cars and return case.

at the beginning of 2019 in our bumper car manufacturers bought four motos Yang, half a year the business is getting better and better, during the summer vacation to expand the business model, bumper cars increased to ten. Mr Yang, from the beginning no experience, and we discuss these friends, according to the guidance of the amusement equipment manufacturer successfully opened the bumper car park. Mr Yang six new bumper car 1 initial investment. 50000, the cost of renting is 1500 yuan, four motos average daily income is 1000 yuan. A month is 30000, the cost of investment will be back.

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