Investing in small playground probably how many money?

2020 - 03 - 19 08:59:14

amusement equipment industry in recent years more and more money is no longer a secret. Therefore, more and more friends want to invest in some amusement equipment. But some friends because of the limitation of capital, and can't invest large amusement equipment, then invest in some small amusement equipment, probably how many money?

actually investing in small amusement equipment need how many money? This is when many investors in consulting manufacturer frequently asked a question, but there is no way to directly answer the question, because no matter which rides, are many factors to restrict the price. Because the actual situation of each customer is different, so can only be used as a reference before the customer's case, here are simple analysis for everybody, from the following several aspects of investment calculate roughly can combine their friends.

if you want to do the amusement equipment investment first need to consider is the location problem, whether small amusement equipment or large amusement equipment, without proper venue is all talk, sentiment determines the future operating conditions, so in the choice of location is also very important. Small amusement equipment for the equipment itself, it is suggested that in shopping malls, supermarkets, community, and places of stream, but different regional situation is also a large difference of the rent, investors according to actual condition decision.

second is the choose and buy of equipment, since want to select small amusement equipment, was not to think about those large amusement equipment. Such as: the ferris wheel, flying chair shook his head, rotating tower, the big pendulum, the big pirate ship, don't consider these.

we can consider some carousel, bumper cars, three-dimensional space rings and other small children paradise amusement equipment, these small amusement equipment general price is not high, investors can also according to the need of choose and buy some.

three to is late operation and promotion cost budget. Equipment is selected, we should also do some appropriate promotion, publicity, these costs may be relatively little upfront investment, but also need to take into account. So to summarize: invest in some small amusement equipment is probably need money venue rental + investment + propaganda cost, amusement equipment itself out, actually upfront fee is acceptable.
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