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'do you have any new company, cover an area of an area small, inflatable toys? 'This is a lot of investors want small investment, the limited site consulting degree high problem!

city SanLe toys, introduced a few small children's inflatable toy, solved the space limited investor's trouble! Look at the following style, which model you interested?

do children inflatable castle to visit factory first, whether or not suitable for the castle. Watch factory near traffic, it is important to ensure that safety, whether there is an adult can parking area, it is best to the park or square to adults more car less, now in the villages and towns investment this project is to earn money, also worth the investment. Security question 1, children's naughty castle is only for 3 - 12 years old children to use, enter the children's naughty fort to take off their shoes, don't carry sharp objects, avoid scratch the body in the process of game; 2, in use process, the guardian should remind children not crowded shoved in children's naughty fort, avoid accident harm accident; 3, children's naughty fort Seine only protection, prohibited to climb; Indoor children's park administrators should regularly check the internal parts of the facilities, to see whether there is a screw loose security hidden danger, if unable to solve the problems, please refer to the installation unit repair service; 4, children's naughty fort facilities is only for indoor use, avoid sun; 5, weekly available soft brush and neutral detergent to thoroughly clean facilities; 6, children's naughty fort Seine ban pulling on

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2. Products belong to large items freight, have different gap is bigger, to avoid damage in transit, reinforce the packing, the cost of goods according to the size and charge transport distance, use logistics to pay, if you have any requirements can be paid in advance. Strict in freight, please sign for it, be sure to check if damaged in front of logistics personnel, large objects, due to the logistics company transport process is damaged, please refuse to sign for it.

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