Innovation consciousness

< p > with the development of modern science and technology and knowledge economy, science and technology factor is increasingly becoming the core of the enterprises to participate in market competition, technology innovation has become the key to enterprise survival. Especially after China's accession to the WTO, enterprises will participate in the world within the scope of the international competition, if there is no technological innovation, always follow people's, we will always be disciplined by others, even will be ruthless market. Therefore, only the crisis and challenges ahead for a rainy day, continue to strengthen enterprise technology innovation, will only make the enterprise always maintain strong vigor and vitality. Technology innovation, as it were, to the enterprise's survival and development has the vital significance. < / p > < p > innovation relative to the development of the enterprise has the following significance: one is beneficial to enterprises in market competition is always has a competitive advantage, to ensure the steady growth of the enterprise. Once the enterprise is a breakthrough in technology innovation, will improve the yield in unit time, to reduce the cost per unit, to provide more high quality cheap products to the market, to gain advantage in market competition. 2 it is beneficial for creating excess profits, improve enterprise economic benefits. Third, the practice has proved, which an enterprise in the development process of conformism, rigid, lost the vitality of technological innovation, it will be difficult to survival and development in market competition. < / p > < p > 1, knowledge innovation requires theoretical guidance and support, need and enterprising spirit and scientific attitude needs to be done under the guidance of scientific theory innovation, need to have a solid professional knowledge as the foundation. Without the guidance of a scientific theory, innovation action will deviate from the correct orbit, and even lead to counterproductive results; No solid professional knowledge, innovation is, like water without source, much to talk about technological innovation is like a castle in the air. < / p > < p > 2, enterprise is the main body of technology innovation, technology innovation must have the subject consciousness of the main body of technological innovation is the enterprise, the enterprise itself is a kind of active behavior of response to market competition. The successful experience of enterprise technology innovation at home and abroad show that effective innovation is one of the prerequisite of innovators have a strong sense of main body, it includes the enterprise research and development personnel, entrepreneurs, The factory director, manager) , general manager, Planning, production, sales and marketing management) And technical personnel, etc. < / p > < p > 3, to carry out technical innovation, the enterprise must have a technological innovation organization system, operation mechanism and management mode. If we put the enterprise operation and management as a system, the system should be determined by the new technology research and development, production management, market sales of three parts. Since 1990 s, with the economic globalization and the rapid development of high and new technology industries, technology innovation has become a major means of enterprise competition and core strength. But at present the domestic many enterprises technological innovation organization system is not sound, to carry out technical innovation, the enterprise must have from top to bottom and improve the corresponding technology development and technology innovation of organization system. < / p > < p > 4, to carry out technical innovation, should start from their own conditions and the actual situation, combined with improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Enterprise technology innovation work, must be practical and realistic, starting from their own conditions and actual situation, on the human, financial and material resources into, are our strengths. We as biological products manufacturing enterprises, mainly applied technology, their independent development and innovation of technical difficulties, should as far as possible and related research institutes and brothers unit cooperation, jointly improve the production technology level of enterprises, to save the cost of the technology innovation. < / p > < p > implementation technology innovation way: < / p > < p > 1, change concept, establish the innovative consciousness < / p > < p > enterprise is the main body of technological innovation. Promote technical innovation, implement the strategy of developing the enterprise, the key is to emancipate the mind, change ideas, deep understanding to strengthen the importance and urgency of technological innovation. We should intensify propaganda, make every staff to realize the technology innovation is tomorrow's jobs ', the formation of scientific and technological progress of big concern to people of science and technology atmosphere < / p > < p > 2, geared to the needs of the market, combined with actual technical innovation < / p > < p > we should understand and grasp the development of science and technology at home and abroad in the dynamic, on the basis of aiming at advanced level at home and abroad, combined with its own characteristics determine scientific research projects and to absorb the introduction of advanced technology, biological products for my company built large modern enterprise groups struggle < / p > < p > 3, attaches great importance to the construction of technology innovation team, build up talent incentive mechanism to establish perfect talent incentive mechanism, is to improve the motive force of technology innovation. Second should set up a good reward standard, scientific and technological achievements to get progress prize in science and technology of national, provincial and ministerial projects should be rewarded. In addition, we should give scientific and technological personnel to create favorable conditions on life, work, formulate scientific and technological management, income distribution, housing title promotion, distribution, personnel training and a series of supporting policies, greatly to mobilize enthusiasm and creativity of science and technology personnel. < / p > < p > 4, joint research, to accelerate the achievement transformation of production, study and research combining the important direction of enterprise technology innovation, but also on the development of the enterprise itself. Enterprises, scientific research units and colleges and universities play their respective advantages and make the knowledge capital and production elements to form new optimization combination. Only actively organize multilateral cooperation, joint research, implement the strategy of big science and technology, in order to meet the needs of enterprise development, saving money on for technology development, at the same time. < / p >
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