Influenced by cold air, seashells amusement, reminding the boss how to deal with

2019 - 10 - 18 11:49:03

recently affected by cold air, snow weather in most regions in north China, it is to fall to a formal 'gift'. The cold air is still, however, menacing, and constantly promote further south in most parts of south China. Coastal areas more than 8 gale, oita areas there will be precipitation, so small make up remind everybody in this amusement park boss make corresponding measures to cope with this weather. For amusement equipment, how to deal with the content of the rainfall weather we once said, we will talk more inconvenience here, we mainly to coastal areas friends talk about how to deal with strong wind weather, air humidity and coastal areas high salt content, more need to pay attention to rust. In 8 magnitude of natural conditions, outdoor amusement equipment or stop business for good, is not only to their own devices to consider, what is more important to the safety of the passengers, and under the condition of such an environment, even if your normal business, and how many people would surprise to come out to take? So it is better to stop outdoor amusement equipment operation, and make the corresponding reinforcement measures. Main windproof measures as follows: 1, to fully fixed equipment, prevent the strong wind hit damage; 2, as far as possible let equipment is far from easy to pour object, prevent objects fall easily back cause unrecoverable damage to equipment, 3, usually a strong wind comes with precipitation, coastal areas of the salt in the air, so be sure to pay attention to rust

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