inflatable water slide - should i buy?

The inflatable slide has gone a long way since it first came out.
They have become so popular that you can even buy from big department stores and discount clubs in your area.
They look big, as you can see at your child\'s friend\'s birthday party.
You know, parents spent hundreds of dollars renting that slide, and the slides in the store were only a few dollars more than the rent. Why not buy?
There are several reasons why you shouldn\'t buy inflatable water slides for your own personal use. 1. Storage.
Where are you going for shopping and inflatable water slides?
They don\'t roll up as well as they come from the factory.
This should be a major consideration when trying to purchase one of the slides. 2. Safety.
Have you been trained on how to set up the water slide properly?
The inflatable device is difficult to install and disassemble safely.
That\'s why some companies have rented them and are certified by the inflatable safety organization. 3. Sanitation.
Do you know how to disinfect the water slide?
Mold and mold will ruin your new slide and may make your child sick if you don\'t disinfect your unit properly.
This is a major problem that many people think of as a waterslide.
Leave it to professionals when you consider buying a waterslide.
It\'s easier and cheaper to rent one when you need it, allowing professionals to handle storage, safety and hygiene.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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