Inflatable jumping bed installation and security considerations

2019 - 11 - 11 11:32:01

( 1) Looking for a flat on the ground first, remove the stones on the ground, broken glass and other sharp objects, in case the pop products. ( 2) Spread carpet on the ground, Or PVC cloth, or striped cloth) And then packaged module placed in the middle of the ground. ( 3) Open model gas packing, avoid by all means not to use the blade sharp tools such as packing and unpacking, to prevent accidentally to packaging products, can use the scissors on the packing bag of needle pick off slowly, and then tore open mouth packing needle and thread. ( 4) After open the packing, gas mold parts to begin slowly, until all parts are flat to the ground around. ( 5) Find model gas fan above the mouth, will fan fan and fan on the mold opening tie it tight, then ready for the power cord. ( 6) Open the switch will turn on the juice and fan, the fan started to model gas blowing, 5 - About 10 minutes, the module will be fully erect blowing. After check around correctly, kids can go up to play. We offer our customers products dedicated model gas blower, some inflatable products need have drum wind blown gas, please use qualified power wiring and socket. A, gas mold need to be reasonable and appropriate safekeeping, to delay its life cycle. When use, according to the size of the module and control area is the number of small friend, not too many people, cause gas model too much load. On the other hand, are too many children, the hopping are prone to fall, squeeze the dangerous situation. Gas model in frustrated when not in use, to the folded, the edges around the method is to first to merge in the middle. Three, without business and were placed on the outside, to fold as much as possible to turn it into a small area, with a PVC waterproof cover to cover, and is used to keep out the rain, frost, etc. Four, to periodically to model gas cleaning, use cleaner cloth gently cleansing. 5, pay special attention to: ( 1) In the play, be sure to beside gas model set up 'travel warning labels'; ( 2) It is forbidden to older children and children play together, in order to avoid sending extrusion collision accident; ( 3) It is forbidden to too many children, resulting in crowded; ( 4) In rain and snow, wind and other weather, is strictly prohibited in the outdoor using this equipment, so as to avoid an accident. ( 5) When children play, on the one hand, playground safety precautions to do well, but there are also parents care.

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