Inflatable castle what matters needing attention

2019 - 07 - 06 08:36:05

children are very happy now, there are many places to play, so we should learn more knowledge in this area. Said the scenic area safety knowledge, for example, because there are many scenic spots have children's paradise. So we can together to learn about the following matters needing attention when children play with inflatable castle. 1. Child play in large inflatable toys, such as inflatable castles, must have the care of the parents, because after all small children, sometimes in the course of play, get carried away, if you're on the edge of inflatable castle jump, is likely to jump to the outside of the inflatable castle, harm, parents can timely remind children aside, to protect the safety of children.

2。 Child at the time of entering the inflatable castle, it's best not to carry a sharp items, such as neck don't hang above key string, because after entering the inflatable castles, children love to jump, at the time of jumping, hard to avoid can fall, after the fall, the neck of key string is easy to cause damage to a child such as keys will stamp hurt the child's eyes or face.

3。 Children after entering the inflatable castle, it's best not to eat while jumping, because at the time of eating to jump, is probably will eat into the trachea, jams trachea, trachea, if processing is not timely, and may cause asphyxia children occur. 4. Children after entering the inflatable castle, to pay attention to health, if you don't pay attention to health, make some dirt pollution inflatable castles, breeds bacteria, influence themselves and other children's health. In addition, if a child suffering from diseases such as heart disease, it is best not to let children enter the inflatable castles, because have a heart of children had better avoid vigorous activities. 5. Some parents give children buy toys, usually buy inflatable toys, parents give children buy inflatable toys, best buy a normal manufacturer, because the inflatable toys are generally plastic products, buy a normal manufacturer, the quality of the products are more assured, more secure the safety of the children.
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