Inflatable castle maintenance and maintenance skills do you know

2019 - 10 - 29 09:16:36

inflatable castle was afraid of. It is like our clothes, even if is again good fabric also afraid of scraping. So, when you use the inflatable castle, you have to make sure there is enough space can put down the product, and surface must level off, not rigid objects, put a layer of cloth on the ground is best. And the children at play, must ban they carry hard and sharp objects, it is best to let them play slippers.     Inflatable castle was afraid of drag. When you need to inflatable castle management position, even if again short distance, also mobile have to be mobile and then swallow them, maintenance skills do you know if the inflatable castles to drag on the ground directly, inflatable castle maintenance and then as time goes on, will be very easy to wear.     The last is the problem of inflatable castle cleaning. Inflatable castle surface will become very dirty. For dust on the surface of the inflatable castle, you only need to use broom will also be other tools to clean to go, if it is mud, then you need to use wet cloth to wipe.
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