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when investing in a project, a good site is crucial. Recently a lot of people call consultation: price trampoline park investment. But, in our understanding, found that many customers have a problem is that at present has not yet been determined.

today, small make up for the trampoline park's location and specific about everyone

a: site requirements

first of all, we have our site when selecting a location to understand the special requirements, and also for all kinds of situation decided to the size of the site:

1. Special requirements: trampoline venue request shape rules, pillar, less height 5. More than 2 meters.

2。 Trampoline park based positioning: investors need to have built a basic orientation, such as the player object, field size, and so on. If is mainly aimed at age 3 - 12 years old, the field may be flat to up and down in 300. If it is for all ages, it is suggested that in more than 600.

2: market research

in addition, we must complete the trampoline market research, understand the surrounding circumstances. Ready for choice:

1. The market demand and potential analysis, including population, economic level, income level, consumption ability, etc.

2。 Industry trend analysis: the investigation target of stylistic class amusement places in the area of operation, in order to understand the development potential of the region, such as electric game hall, bowling alley, gym, etc.

3。 Competitive analysis: is there a competitor; Investors need to comprehensive consideration to get the target area

3: cost estimation

second, want to know about property of target region and the surrounding traffic size, this completes the analysis, select the appropriate site:

1. Flow testing, customer ability contrast, visibility and convenience considerations, etc. , in order to get the best location and reasonable choice.

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