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trampoline park is now a lot of young people and children like to play, and in the actual development status of trampoline park now, industry prospect and present development form has a strong advantage, trampoline park is facing many competitors on the market, how to do can stand out?

popular place, so how is the price of the positioning of the trampoline park, and what factors related? 1. Visit

trampoline park for the first time have a great relationship, and players play the length of the longer a price is higher. So, many of the venue for the player's experience, has introduced a half-day tour fare or swim all day, this time is more suitable for children, can according to your own time arrangement for pleasure form

2. The complexity of the facility equipment in

trampoline park is not just some simple trampoline, if there is no abundant interesting venues trampoline products, the number of players in trampoline park may reduce a lot. Trampoline park, therefore, the equipment is positively related to the relationship between the richness and traffic, and so is the proportion of the price. If you want to play with more advanced equipment, the price must be higher.

3。 Site management

the price of the trampoline park also and facility management, which is for the venue cost ratio, the higher the cost, the higher the ticket price, but all the premise is in accord with the actual profit within the scope of the standard. Also is to the requirement of environment, indoor environment can undertake corrective adjustment according to the needs of the consumers, so this is also one of the reasons for high prices.

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