Indoor playground investment and management know-how

2020 - 01 - 07 08:47:21

at present, the indoor playground has became the standard of the shopping malls, and small businesses than allowed as long as the location, area, have also introduced a small naughty castle park, also can attract parents to pull the catering and other retail goods consumption, market potential is tremendous.

1, take full advantage of the holiday time. At the top of a shopping mall is a indoor playground. A is not close to noon time over the weekend, more than 60 rides here are not idle. Start reading schoolmate zhang has just broken up with three other students in grade 3, spent 15 yuan per person to play the air flying chair, only 3 minutes from take off to the land.

another small rides of rotation, can use the water gun aimed at the center of the small animals, many preschool children to play with. 16 seats, only a handful are empty. One play with parents, said to a lot of money, is less a few yuan, more than 100 yuan. And about the profitability of each rides, staff implicative, said: over the past few years playground efficiency has always been good, merchants of elimination rate is lower, we also in research, if we can expand the playground area of business.

at the same time, Chinese amusement equipment net understands, also has a business development ideas, to extend to water park rides theme topics.

2, reasonable investment and risk control. In a mall to operate climbing project here, Mr. Zhang is not having more rides. Has a number of investment, the reason, of course, is profitable. He rides choice is given priority to with children age is big, such as rock climbing, bumper cars and so on. Mr Zhang says, shopping malls rides are almost absolute returns: junior high school students parents often give money, children can be free.

3, near the amusement project can excuse me small business. In fact, businesses wrestling the reasons behind the indoor playground is driving around the economy. Ms. Lee in a shopping mall near the indoor recreation areas have a snack booth, she revealed, is contracting market stalls, the monthly rent 5500 yuan, and all the spending, put together, a month to 1. 20000 yuan to 1. 30000 yuan. So, at least once a day to sell 400 yuan to close the cost. But ms li said around 20 several booths, most of them make money. Especially on weekends and summer and winter vacation, but also the most profitable, compared to the turnover of peace in the summer vacation, at least five times or more.

4, investment playground area is very important. Outdoor playground investments are often thousands or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and individual investors is limited. Personal investment must visit more before operation more successful playground, and then draw up their own site area, geared to the needs of customers as well as the theme of the playground, looking for manufacturers. Choose the right site is crucial, is the premise of can make money in the future. When selecting a location, investors want to clear the area of the site and the floor plan, etc. , to find the best location, in order to keep the traffic.

5, the playground at the top level with mystery. If you look carefully, we almost every a indoor playground on the top floor of a shopping mall, there was a doorway? Because now the family is a child, most need to play with three generations. Have attracted a large family to the top, it is bound to go through a woman consumption area, men, children's consumption areas, this is equivalent to have the opportunity to make three generations of people going to the stores.

6, occasional consumption of huge benefits. The indoor playground retailers are in great condition do strive to do this project, not just because of the direct benefits of the project itself, the playground is hidden behind the huge economic efficiency, that is the resulting consumption by accident. Indoor playground for pulling effect is often a child with three generations of passenger flow, accompanied by a child to play to drive the family, to meet the customers of the random purchase desire, stores also can produce huge economic benefits. By a consumer demand as the center to drive around the consumption rate of growth, the real reason for this is the market struggles in the indoor playground.

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