incorporating fitness with fun - today\'s playground equipment

When children care about sports, it is absolutely important for parents to consider absorbing sports and complex sports during game time.
The benefits of requiring physical exercise are almost endless for children, and they not only help to generate short-term advantages (
Faster sleep time)
But it\'s also long term.
Children also tend to learn through experience, and the best way is to experiment repeatedly on the playground.
For a long time, traveling to a park or playground can burn your child out and satisfy you all day long, a rare thing to do, but now, this trend is taking shape.
Just last week, I heard two very wanted words from my four people.
\"I\'m tired \".
Now it\'s very rare to find this from my sugar.
The hurried son, his idea is
The bedtime meal is a large bowl of Froot Loops.
So hearing that he was exhausted from the local church playground equipment in the afternoon, my wife and I had a welcome reception.
This may be mainly due to the new game structure recently installed by our local church.
The artificial elevated hills where the slides were placed helped him feel tired during the run, and the new modular climbing frame really pushed his little body to the limit.
So when he fell asleep too early, I started thinking about the shift in the core design of the playground equipment.
Manufacturers of playground structures have long struggled to incorporate different ideas into their products, and recently, the focus seems to have shifted to improving children\'s physique without compromising fun.
Take Ant Hill as an example.
Our church has minor modifications to this structure, and once I see this in a play --
There is already space and it is difficult to see this change on other playgrounds in the area.
But Ant Hill is an excellent example for manufacturers to now incorporate exercise into game time.
The simple structure has a series of supporting \"rocks-
Features of \"climbing.
So now, children can not only experience the thrill associated with this game structure, but they can also use up their energy during game time in a way that is reserved only for the ball or contact movement.
This helps to exercise the basic cognitive and physical features children need from an early age.
One may argue that this kind of church playground equipment does bring new dangers to children, and these are issues that deserve attention.
When my son wants to go, this is also something I want to know and hesitate to do, after an autumn, I think the foam liner used on the playground is a suitable surface for the children, can withstand the impact.
So the next time you go out to play with your child, find the best playground to spend your afternoon, consider combining exercise and exercise with the game structure, and use the foam pad of the playground as the surface material.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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