In the village management amusement equipment have a future?


nowadays most of the shopping malls, supermarkets have a children's playground equipment, the business of super traffic was needless to say, the investors to make money is indisputable, but these super ground rent is high, especially want to open a larger indoor playground, many investors made hard on rent, and now also allowed to put a lot of village amusement equipment, this part of the investors put eyes on the district, convenient for parents to take her, also can let children have a good time at home.

what is the advantage of community management?

a, low rents

for limited funding for investors, the site location in the community can be said to be perfect. Compared to high rental fee such as department stores, supermarkets, children's playground in the neighborhood of investors on the rent can save a lot of cost, reduce operating costs.

2, demand

for a modern metropolis, reinforced concrete, the tall buildings are everywhere, children in addition to stay at home or school, where you can go to play is very limited, so there are a lot of children get into the habit of the curtilage home, stay at home on the Internet as soon as I get to the holiday, watch TV or sleep late, this let many parents are worried about. In the community management, not out of town, can be to play in the neighbourhood. As long as the neighborhood children enough, then the children play will be a very broad market.

3, steady stream of

district of traffic are smaller than shopping mall, but traffic has an obvious characteristics of village, is the target consumer groups, liquidity is small, customers don't need to worry about this. Recommends that investors choose high occupancy or open a children's paradise, population is concentrated communities that are more likely to increase membership card card number. And communities closer from consumers, more easy to cultivate customer loyalty, as long as the equipment and management in place of the children's playground, children have a good time, parents will naturally satisfied, will always choose to take their children to play.

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