In the summer, the most profitable amusement project turns out to be this

2019 - 12 - 20 13:24:14

with the continuous development of national economy, the state's support vigorously, tourism, the higher demand for leisure and entertainment, water park project investment will be more rational, amusement equipment, products will be more rich diversity, water recreation industry will be more mature and grow. This will lead the aquatic amusement industry entering into a new round of steady development. Water park industry over the next five to ten years development, is worth to pay close attention to the following two trends: in one of trends: is similar with BiaoZhiXing oversize water park project ( Such as the long lung water park) Would be less and less, small and medium-sized, structure type, subject, water park, will gradually become the subject of investment construction focus market gradually formed. Trend 2: is a second-tier cities of domestic consumer market will gradually tend to be saturated, especially large projects in new projects will gradually decrease. Domestic three or four lines of urban residents demand for water park will gradually become the mainstream market consumption area, water recreation market gradually urbanization, miniaturization, and personalization.
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