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2019 - 10 - 02 17:57:55

why new amusement equipment prices more expensive than the same type of product? Believe that many investors when the choose and buy equipment will be comprehensive compare multiple manufacturers, in the process is not difficult to find such a phenomenon: all price associated with the new product will be your on some, but after a period of precipitation after the price will be slightly down, why is this case? Province amusement as a independent research and development, production and sales of enterprises, for everyone to explain the causes of this situation.

as a simple example: just came in the summer watermelon will several yuan a kilo, but after a month of time will fall down, especially after the fruit mass market. Even the price several times, but in early still have a lot of consumers to buy. New amusement equipment is also so, new attractions are more likely to get the favour of tourists, the design of novel modelling and play that investors can make a killing at the early stage of the equipment to promote. On the other hand, believe that everyone can understand from scratch is difficult to make a breakthrough, and this is especially true for the research and development of new equipment, the consumption of time and money to make a new equipment of available prices won't is the same as the conventional equipment. As investors want as soon as possible to complete the profit, this part each production manufacturer also want to take back as soon as possible, so the price is higher is also normal. Of course the production cost is also another constraints, because before that we have produced this style of amusement equipment, its related technology is not mature, so the material quantity is relatively larger, at the start of mass production after the price will be slightly lower. Here may have investors say: why not wait until the price come down and buy? In fact it is not difficult to see the new amusement equipment to sell expensive is new, this project in the middle of the playground is a head, mass consumption psychology are like the pursuit of fresh and new things, using new equipment to attract more tourists to come to, in advance money to get more than such prices down!

for small and medium investors to be very careful when the choose and buy new equipment, new equipment has a higher market TuiGuangLv same situation, if not to launch a new equipment market is also a kind of loss for investors and manufacturers. Overall for new equipment or edge, it needs to choose to suit their own local amusement investors to polish eyes.
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