In so doing, the amusement equipment operation will be more safe!

2019 - 10 - 25 10:39:58

amusement park is the most afraid of safety accidents, business is again good, once the accident, the bosses might night back to before liberation. So how to avoid safety accident happened? As a domestic famous amusement equipment manufacturers, according to many years of experience in production and maintenance, to remind the general operation using the unit should be used in amusement equipment operation, must be in strict accordance with the amusement equipment safety management requirements, so as to effectively identify and extract hidden information, predict in advance warning, can timely targeted prevention measures, reducing the occurrence of accidents. Before amusement equipment operation management requirements have the following: 1, carefully check the day running record of all kinds of information, understanding on the equipment operation is normal, such as found on the equipment, facilities, such as abnormal records, should be quickly with the captain and confirm corrective maintenance. 2, the equipment open time card is put in the entrance, due to the monthly inspection, weekly inspection, bad weather or sudden fault closed equipment, should be timely replacement. 3, on the day of equipment operation personnel in five minutes before opening into the operating post, remain on standby, ready to greet passengers. Staff has entered the operating post, ahead of tourists waiting in line. 4, before operation, operators and service personnel should be safety tips ( There is a requirement for storage projects for storage tips) Explain to the passengers, safety precautions and instructions. When passengers on its own operations, introduction to passengers amusement activities, the rules to guide passengers to proper use of amusement facilities, grasp the amusement activity of security essentials; On the safety of foreign tourists and training should use a foreign language, and graphic representation. 5, it is strictly prohibited to amusement equipment overload or partial load ( Partial load limitation) Run, service personnel should be reasonable arrangement of passenger distribution, avoid partial load. 6, before each run, service personnel to the safety pressure bar, seat belts, cockpit check them one by one, the locking device or safety devices to the operating personnel when confirmed gestures to boot. Note: when the inspection found the safe pressure bar free trip, seat belt breakage ( Buckles unstable) , locking device failure, or other safety device has a problem of seat ( Cockpit) Before, without repair, may not take passengers.
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