In amusement equipment, how to practice online purchase a pair of eye to avoid be cheated

2019 - 10 - 02 17:52:22

recently there are some old customers reaction they some amusement equipment in other companies online purchase cheated, cheated a lot of money, so small make up today will tell you how to build a pair of eye, avoid deceived himself.

the specific story is like this, our old customers saw another enterprise information on the Internet, see the products he wants, and the price is very cheap, much lower than the market price, reference price, our customer still picked up the phone call in the past, after communicate with them, our customers think they said is very good, all sorts of safeguard and so on are very in place, the customer did not want to so much to play the deposit in the past, the results can not contact since they lost in each other, then the customer suddenly realize oneself is deceived, but the customer really need this batch of equipment, in the case of insurance, he chose to cooperate with our company, here we summarize some experience for everyone, how to build a pair of eye, avoid himself cheated, hope you work hard. From this matter, we found that the cheat was caught our customer psychology, love to take petty advantages using price and professional technique to win the trust of the customer, this customer is in a state of advantage, must rush to sign the bill, it's natural to elicit need deposit, once the deposit to play in the past, fraud was successful. So at the time of purchase, we must not be showed, must choose qualified comprehensive, has the good word of mouth, so that to have security. The next step is also very important, we must visit, to see the factory, only see objects we can rest assured.
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