I think this is children's favorite square amusement equipment


new pedalling popular children's like robots, park village playground robot pedalling is a tool for you to make money

pedalling robot is a kind of available for people to take amusement equipment, can walk to the robot put on beautiful clothes, and battery for energy for robots to charge can walk more than 4 hours continuously, the robot's way to ride and appearance shape and reality. Depending on the type, load - in 100 - - - - - - - - - - - - Between 150 kg. Wool cloth with soft nap can be replaced, the robot can free steering, steering is through to manipulate the steering wheel, simple and lightweight, safe and comfortable. The third generation robot pedalling use 250 w motor, with 2 pieces of 12 v20a battery, simulation animal model, a variety of different lovely modelling, let children have more choices. Damper model, for the sake of the children safe added safety barrier in front of the foot pedals, are to guarantee the safety of its children. More reasonable fixed direction bar, steering wheel bearing. Brake to electronic brake, brake function is safer, one of them is a is the brake pedal. The life of the brushless motor is commonly - 5 For eight years. Back of a chair and plate USES is environmental protection of PVC material, more secure.

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