How to use the normal operating inflatable castle

2019 - 09 - 17 14:48:42

inflatable castle is a comprehensive amusement equipment, inflatable soft is made with PVC rain wear material, use the fan blowing, let your children play in a variety of different modelling above. Widely used in each big square park scenic area, etc. Easy to flow. So easy to flow also has the corresponding safety factor. Safe use taboo elements: 1: indoor use inflatable castle is relatively safe, but also to prevent a personnel proportion to prevent inflatable castle, 'pop' caused by stress. 2: outdoor venues to use inflatable castles, be sure to fixed safety ropes around, though not fixed around windy weather also must pay attention to. 3: inflatable castle of avoid by all means do not use around an empty place as far as possible, because the empty space around in time will be relatively weak wind.

is a company specializing in the production of machinery and equipment, indoor equipment, inflatable amusement equipment water equipment manufacturer, has many years of experience. Also wish you the customers under the premise of making money pay attention to use safety specification.

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