How to solve the problem of children's amusement equipment wear and tear

2019 - 10 - 29 14:25:34

children amusement equipment use after a period of time will appear uncertain degree of wear and tear, it is a very normal thing. If you encounter this kind of situation, how to prevent how to solve? Today kaifeng amusement equipment manufacturers would explain to the children's amusement equipment wear and tear of the solution: 1, the common friction.   When children's amusement equipment just to buy back the parts is very smooth, the friction phenomenon is very few, for the operation of the equipment can better stability and prolong the service life of equipment, this time we need in the place where it's easy to friction and lubricating oil. 2, stable. Children's amusement equipment easily where friction has been hardening of the phenomenon, the micro geometry shape has changed. At this time we will continue to observe, and completes the lubrication and maintenance; 3, severe wear. When severe abrasion occur in children's amusement equipment, metal surface layer has reached the basic fatigue limit, and then to use children's amusement equipment is very dangerous at this moment, serious possible equipment failure, then parts damaged, need to repair. General wear amusement equipment need to experience more than three process, in the process of the three different, we should adopt different processing methods for processing. Equipment in the daily operation and management of the working people must timely according to the requirements for detecting equipment maintenance, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment. Kaifeng swatches amusement equipment is one specialized is engaged in children's inflatable storage battery bumper cars, flying saucer, robot pedalling, inflatable trampoline, royal chariot, tractors, the phantom war boats, pool of stents, steel bungee jumping, beach car, plush animal products such as professional production and processing enterprises, with complete and scientific quality management system, advanced production equipment, first-class technical service, perfect after-sales, has won the general customers the has been high praise, the company by the good faith as a fundamental, to the quality strives for the production, innovation and development business philosophy, one step at a time, steady development. Company to customer satisfaction with three basic principles: 'satisfied with the satisfaction of product quality, advanced technology, after-sales service satisfaction', continuously strengthen the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprise, the company strives for the development in the competition, seeks the opportunity in the challenge, I believe that the company will provide you with high quality and advanced products, I believe that the company will provide you with advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. Diligence and sincerity we would like to work with you hand in hand!
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