How to reduce the risk of investment square mall amusement equipment must consider the question before

2019 - 09 - 19 11:53:32

now everyone knows the square mall amusement equipment books is a good project, more and more investors. However, investment management square mall amusement equipment of people more and more. The greater the pressure of competition, the risk is also relatively improve. How to reduce the risk of investment business square mall amusement equipment daquan before must consider the question, only thoughtful before investment, and to reduce risk.

in the investment management square mall amusement equipment of former three must be thoughtful, site, funds, security.

a, location, location is certainly very important. 1, site selection, consider factors: people, land, government policy, the surrounding environment, residents needs, peer competition, their own money, etc. 2, combined with the local people group and the level of consumption, amusement equipment daquan positioning square type, such as large square amusement equipment daquan, children's paradise, for all the citizens of leisure amusement equipment; Or in the community, shopping centers, shopping malls or densely populated place children can set the square mall, amusement equipment, park, playground a stimulate large square mall, amusement equipment daquan.

2, financing, mainly for the early and late capital funds. 1, the upfront capital include: business license fees, and operating procedures for the amusement equipment cost of purchasing square, pre-opening advertising investment, to handle the tickets, membership fees. 2, late funds are: the usual health cleaning cost, maintenance cost, subsequent square amusement equipment of update, increase cost, water and electricity, fire protection, monitoring and security costs.

security: security problem must consider seriously, never cut corners. 1, must choose qualified square amusement equipment, and make relevant maintenance and check regularly. 2, operation, management and maintenance personnel training should pass strict examination, obtain qualification certificates issued by the administrative department of quality and technical supervision work. 3, should have contingency plans. For example, in the operation of the equipment supply, equipment sudden failure, etc. , and other unforeseen accident.

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