How to pick the right bumper cars?

2019 - 09 - 12 15:01:49

first brother a question to consider is the choice of wujin operation sites. The choice of site can say is a very important link, it will affect the vehicle purchase, the number of issues, such as the income in the future, so in order to make their investment returns, must choose to run in the stream of place. The best advantage of this structure, it is can not only guarantee the safety of the occupants, still can make the vehicle itself will not damage due to collision, is one way to kill two birds with one stone. Although the cost of investment will be larger, but only can guarantee the bumper car vehicle attendance can rapid recovery of the costs and profits. Due to the volume of a vehicle is small, so it can be either in the interior management can also be outdoors, so the choice of operation sites have more selective. Users choose to buy children's bumper cars most concerned about is the quality, the price of the equipment is the most concerned topics. Is the price so, children's bumper cars, presumably to sell how many money? Children's bumper cars with performance. Material and technology is different, the price also is in the tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of ranges. First of all need according to the cost of production of children's bumper cars need ( Choose the price of steel; Artificial wages, the amount of time that makes the device and material; Children's bumper cars spare parts cost) To pricing. When advanced equipment form a complete set of accessories, high-end, its price is higher than that of low configuration children square bumper car equipment. Bumper car is a hands-on equipment, tourists driving in person, touch, rub, left, right, the creeping is exciting, can be in play, full vent in the heart collision, or enjoy bumper cars.     No need to consider the second question is the selected device. Because the vehicles on the market now has two kinds of battery bumper cars and a fixed bumper cars, they're just running environment and the investment cost is different, so investors must according to their own space and finances to pick, so it can avoid the loss of money. In a few years of use, without any major problems, so bring a sense of security for the customer. Some newspaper said, bumper car no seat belts, childhood play bumper car attracted the attention of reporters, but a closer look, eyes on the bumper cars and no seat belts. Investors in choosing equipment, of course, also must to normal wujin manufacturers purchase, because it is a collision will play better, so they will have to guarantee the quality of the vehicle and tourists to ride safe.
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