How to operate the bumper cars?

2019 - 09 - 19 11:49:17

with the development of children's park form good, more and more people into the children's park industry. Children's amusement equipment manufacturers on the market is also more and more! For children's playground investors choose to children playground equipment for the children's playground and operation is very important. However, due to many children's amusement equipment on the market, and quality and time. Many investors face don't know how to choose the plight of children's amusement equipment! In fact, we in the choice of children's amusement equipment can choose from the following points in the choose and buy when children playground equipment, is not arbitrary, alone to consider the surrounding people, as well as the local consumption level, the play a series of problems such as the habit! Childhood is a stage in life, from fetal and neonatal, infant and preschool children to teenagers are constantly in the process of growth and development. Its dynamic characteristic is different from adults, also there were significant differences in all ages. So county friends when playing bumper cars must pay attention to their own safety, adult should accompany in side at any time, in order to avoid accidents. Please be sure to fasten your seat belt. Because you don't know when will be hit, especially children, should be fastened, or one thousand people hit you, the head of the child is likely to hit the steering wheel, light bleeding, or hospital.     Control the throttle. For beginners friends, control is bad, often hit next to or other motos, repeatedly trample accelerator, this is wrong, should slow down and rotate the steering wheel, turned away back.     Way of impact. Want to hit someone's car crashed more fierce, damage the strongest is behind, is bumped his rear bumper cars, it is next to the next, the last is the front collisions, both.     And friends. This is the most fun, just a few people from all directions lay siege to a bumper car, think about before and after being hit, how exciting and fun, but you remember good control degree, adult doesn't matter, children will be crashed.     Perfect astern. Because the bumper car is braking system, so how to retreat? Turn the steering wheel in the opposite direction, if control well, can show luxuriant reversing in the playground.     Gorgeous drifting. Bumper cars can also drift? Of course, if you learn to drift in the playground, it must be able to attract the full attention of people. We know that drift is mainly on the very fast speed suddenly changed direction, so you need to drive to fast, and then rapidly changing the steering wheel.     Great parking space. In addition, at the end of the time is fast, bumper cars parked perfectly to the desired location, and perfectly fit the venues, more, no less, just right, give yourself a perfect end, cool to go out again, believe in your friends or the presence of the audience will envy you.     Can't suddenly go down. When playing, whether you have any questions, don't be suddenly stopped, and then walk in the field, because others not carefully control is bad to give hit you, then that's a lot of problems. If you don't want to play, can pull over, still, etc. Game over.
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