How to operate amusement equipment

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1, the choice of mode of operation of common amusement equipment management mode has a fixed place and flow management.

to a general power operators can choose fixed places to operate, the specific field mainly has the following kinds: park, shopping mall, super, square, the scenic spot, etc. , these sites have a common feature is that stream, ensure customers, is the most amusement equipment operators of the first mode of operation is another kind of flow operation, operators in festival, bazaar, amusement equipment, this mode of operation, a relatively small investment and gains quick effect, more is given priority to with small amusement equipment, convenient tear open outfit, flexible mode of operation.

2, amusement equipment selection for different business places, the collocation of its equipment is also different.

flow operation, for example, to select more small device, like a small train orbit, pulling the monkey, the clown flying chair, storage battery, and electronic amusement machine, such as playing little monkey, the equipment is relatively light, easy to move, appearance beautiful, etc, have great advantage in liquidity management. For fixed place business, mainly to build the uniqueness of their equipment, to ensure that the surrounding of the same attractions no, equipment to be replaced frequently, to choose more interesting higher project, such as octopus, 16 - 24 luxurious carousel, carp swimming, etc. Overall amusement equipment management to their seeing much more innovation in the business, in the mode of operation good choose suitable for their way of doing business, in amusement equipment manufacturers choose as far as possible choose to have the strength of large manufacturers.

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